How we got started.

Their Choice.  

Everyone’s future. 

Reward kids for making good choices.

Tobacco Free.  Alcohol Free. Drug Free.

Truly Free.

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Drug Free Youth

Drug-Free Youth (D-Fy) is an initiative for area youth in 6th through 12th grade.
D-Fy helps create a movement of peers who share a commitment to make positive choices and live a healthy, drug-free life.
D-Fy also helps to grow a community culture to support these youth.
D-Fy members are eligible to receive local discounts and attend special D-Fy events.

Tobacco Free

Tobacco may be legal for young people, however it is an introduction to an addictive substance.  It causes many health risks in the long term for these youth, and we endeavor to show it as another substance that they can show themselves is unnecessary and unwanted.

Drug Free

Drug Addiction is on the rise.  Heroin use is on the rise.  Many parents do not know about “Designer Drugs” which are becoming increasingly popular.  We strive to show drug addiction for what it really is, and aim to eliminate the desire for them to invite this plague into their lives and homes in our community.

Alcohol Free

Alcohol.  The most readily available addictive substance for our community’s teens.  It is a drain on their minds and bodies.  We aim to diminish its influence by showing it as an unnecessary burden on their lives.



Every Thursday we are at the Morgan Center (beside Northport H.S.)
You will sign a pledge, have your photo taken for your ID.

email director Laurie File




Pre-teens (13 and under) must have parent sign for them to join.   We are at the Morgan Center each Thursday (by Northport High School) for sign ups.



There are so many ways to support us!

Be a volunteer to assist with sign ups   |   Help with social media  | Assist with recruiting businesses | Coordinate us coming to speak at your church or civic organization.


Drive Traffic to your Business or Activity to your organization!

Scout Troops

Church Groups

Civic Organizations


Small Business Partners

Use these documents to get signed up!  If you have questions or want to brainstorm with us about ways you can partner with this powerful program, please contact us at:


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Get a 501(c)3 tax write off.   Contact PJ Brooks at First Step of Sarasota at:

Phillip J. “P.J.” Brooks

Vice President Outpatient and Youth Services

First Step of Sarasota, Inc.

1750 17th St., Bldg J-2

Sarasota, FL 34234

941-552-2078 ext. 1303